Uninstallation count not being updated or not working


I recently import the cleverTap SDK in my iOS App to track down the installations & uninstallation. After successful setup I tested the app and checked the clever tap dashboard as it increase the count of active users but after deleting the app it has not reflect the count for uninstallation as it one of the main requirement by my side to track down the uninstallation. Kindly help


Hey @Vinayak_Pal,

There are two methods by which we track uninstalls:

  1. We run an uninstall sweep every 24 hours.
  2. Check for uninstalls when a push campaign is sent

In order further understand about uninstall tracking, request you to refer the below link.


its been more than 24 hours intact even months that uninstallation has not recorded yet.


Hey @Vinayak_Pal,

Request write to support@clevertap.com with your account iD, so that we can further assist you.


I sent the mail on respected email id