Upload Events API


Hi Team

I am trying to integrate Upload Events API in my hybrid mobile application.
For testing the same I am using Postman to hit the API but no success as I am getting the following error.
Error :
“status”: “fail”,
“error”: “Invalid endpoint”,
“code”: 400

I have followed the procedure given in the doc to attach header and body to base URL. Please help me with the same if I am missing any step.



Hey @rupab,

The Upload events API is this :https://api.clevertap.com/1/upload

The document link, I am referring to is : https://developer.clevertap.com/docs/upload-events-api

Please confirm you are referring to the above link with the endpoints.

At the same time please do share you queries to support@clevertap.com, so that we can further assist you with the same.


Yes. I am using the same references link for integration.
Please find below details, I have used while hitting the API in the postman.
BaseURL -

Header -
X-CleverTap-Account-Id : ACCOUNT_ID
X-CleverTap-Passcode: PASSCODE
Content-Type : application/json

Body -
{ “d”: [ { “identity”: “12345”, “type”: “event”, “evtName”: “PAGE VIEWED”, “evtData”: { “Page name”: “” } } ] }

“status”: “fail”,
“error”: “Invalid endpoint”,
“code”: 400

– ACCOUNT_ID and PASSCODE values fetched from Clevertap Account > Settings > Account id and Passcode

Is there anything left which I am missing?


Hey @rupab,

We would have to look into this query further. Request you to add your query with your account details to support@clevertap.com.