Upload Excel with specification of schedule and message for push notification


Would like the ability to upload a csv that contains a schedule of push notifications like this:

+1 day: Message 1
+3 days: Message 2
+5 days: Message 3

The messages then needs to be sent at a certain time and certain number of day after a date that a user enters in during account creation (NOT the date they create their account, though).

Can this be done and how?


Hi Clevertapuser40,

As of now we do not support csv upload for campaign creation. The use-case presented above is a common one, and CleverTap can help you automate it this way:

  1. Let ‘Account Created’ event have a property, say ‘date set by user’. This property will have the date the user sets during account creation.
    (For your previous users, you can upload account created event using this API and by sending the ‘date set by user’ property as an epoch this way: “$D_epochValue”)
  2. Then on your dashboard, create a Past Behavior Push campaign:
    User who did ‘Account Created’ greater than 1 times
    occurred in the past 30 days
    event property ‘date set by user’ in the past 1 day
    You can set this campaign to repeat daily, and also set a certain time for this campaign to start running daily

You can similarly create campaigns for +3days and +5days.