Uploading historical email addresses to CleverTap


I wanted to know whether we can upload .csv files of email ids while scheduling an email campaign? This is particularly with regards to our old users who are not in CT. It will also help us in sending email acquisition campaigns to new users.


As for uploading user email addresses to CleverTap via a CSV, this isn’t possible. You can upload old users’ email addresses to CleverTap via a JSON format suitable for CleverTap using our Server API user profile upload documentation here. This should be very easy and straightforward for your developers to do.

Generally, here is our guide to importing historical user event and profile data to CleverTap.


Hi, do you know after we uploaded the old email address, then we can create an email campaign to the old user?


Hey @QS2019,

Once the Email addresses of the users are uploaded, you can reach out to them through Email communication from CleverTap.