User Level Communication Info


We wanted to determine what communication we sent to a particular user it can be SMS/EMAIL/NOTIFICATION through clevertap.

I am unable to figure a way to extract this information.

Thanks in advance.


Hey Nakul,

It depends on the user information you are passing to CleverTap. For example, if you are pushing push token, phone number for all the users. Then the best channel to reach the users would be via Push notification or SMS (once you have integrated the SMS provider to CleverTap). In order to reach maximum number of user, you can check the reachability of the users through CT.

In order to find reachability, go to Find people, without typing any query hit view details. There it would show the total number user profiles on CT for your account, beside which you can also see the reachability of those users through different channels. Then depending on the reachability you can create campaigns.


Let me rephrase my question:

Can I determine How many Emails I sent to a particular user last week?


Sure Nakul,

In order to do the same, you go to ‘Find people’ > Users who did > Notification Sent > In the last 7 days > Campaign Type > Email.

You can change the campaign type as per the requirement.

On a side note, Notification Sent is a system event captured for email, mobile push, SMS, web push, and Facebook Audience campaigns. In order know more about system events, kindly refer to the link here.


This will give me all the users whom I sent Email in last 7 days.

I want results user specific.

Say you are the user in our database, I want to determine what specific email/sms I sent to you in last 7 days.

Hope I clarifies the question.


Thank you for further clarifying the query.

Adding to the previous comment, you can get the list of users who have got emails/sms. At this point in time, you cannot avail the list of specific email/sms sent to a particular.

However, thank you for the good feedback, I will surely forward it to my product team.