UTM_Source question


I remember you suggested to use UTM_SOURCE to track cohorts. How do I use this UTM_SOURCE from Facebook ads so that it is eventually tracked in Clevertap?


A precursor to being able to capture UTM’s from Facebook Ads is that you have an attribution provider integrated. Once you do this, you’ll be able to sort at event by UTM properties under Analyse.


We don’t use Appsflyer. I’m just trying to segment based on particular users. I.e. “What are the users that click on my Facebook ads doing?”


You cannot do that without having source of acquisition which comes from having an attribution provider.


Facebook allows u to have additional parameters in the ad links. Wouldn’t that give us info when the ad is clicked?


Facebook has stopped allowing you to add custom UTM’s in any of its ads for downloads. You can now use an install attribution provider to get UTMs for such campaigns, we support appsflyer.