What Analytics Should I Evaluate if my IOS Game Dipped in Retention


Here are a few key success metrics you should track for your game.

  • Activations. Check to see if your users are opening and activating your app. If there’s a significant drop-off, below 85%, you might want to tweak things in your product or the CPI campaigns.

  • Retention. Check your “drop off” trajectory. Review the tail end of Day 3 and Day 7 to check if you’re losing a lot of users. Statistics show on average, 80% of users will uninstall your app after the first time using it.

  • Engagement. You’ll want to track the user flow at a critical point in your app to see where they drop off. For example, if your use case is for a social Twitter app; User Logs in -> Creates messages -> Broadcasts Messages -> Checks Engagement Stats -> Responds to Tweets. You can track all of these steps in a generated funnel and see where the “chain” is breaking.

  • Uninstalls. A metric that can be tracked on CleverTap’s analytics platforms. You can compare this number against your daily, weekly or monthly Installs to gauge actual user growth.

  • Reachability. Track how many users you can reach through various channels like in-app push notification, email, etc. Tracking your reachability over time and comparing that to your install rate will give you insight into your engagement strategy.