What Are Some Best Practices for Triggered Email Campaigns


Jai Pattahill, Marketing Manager for CleverTap recently answered a Quora question on best practices for a triggered email campaigns. How do you ensure that customers do not receive several push notifications or emails each day?

Frequency capping is the best way to ensure that users are not overloaded with an insane number of emails or push notifications.

Messaging customers with contextual notifications helps build a sustainable relationship, but when over-used, it can lead to uninstalls and opt-outs. With CleverTap, or any other mobile engagement and analytics platform, you can put a cap on the number of messages sent to individual users via any channel whether it’s email, push or in-app or combinations there of.

While emails and in-app messages are less intrusive, push notifications are what you need to be most careful about, and over-messaging using push can do some real damage to your brand. When running campaigns in CleverTap, you can track trends in uninstalls and push opt-outs to identify when individual users are typically getting ticked off and based on that, impose frequency capping. You can impose caps at a blanket level or on individual channels.

For eg: If you find that there is a trend to have your app uninstalled when users receive more than 3 messages in a week, you should set your frequency cap at 3 and as soon as you hit that limit via any channel, no messages will be sent out to that user via any other channel. Now if you notice that this trend is particularly true for push notifications, then you can cap the push channel for up to 3 notifications and be a little more free with in-app or email messages.

Ultimately, the guideline for this will vary from user to user. But by constantly tracking uninstall behavior with funnel sequences to see what is leading to such actions, you will be able to gather insights to automate this process based on individual user preferences and behaviors.