What Channels Are Most Impactful if I Have Over 100,000 Users?


In our experience, Push campaigns have the highest click-throughs and tend to be the most efficient channel for mobile. However, most sophisticated marketers use Push as one channel in a portfolio of ways to connect with their users depending on the context.

As far as the number of campaigns there is no right answer but the more contextual the message you send, the more value they’ll derive. So if you send broadcast “one size fits all”messages to your users, you’ll like get a low clickthru and have the potential to have user opt-out of Push or uninstall altogether.

We recently analyzed the mobile user behavior on our platform of over 100 million app launches and a few million uninstalls. Find out what the results revealed in our recent blog post - https://blog.clevertap.com/best-practices-to-send-push-notifications-and-increase-mobile-engagement-2/