What do different "Session Source" in Events Dashboard mean?


Can you explain the different Session Source fields present in the Events Dashboard?


Hi @vaibhav,

The Events Dashboard shows the Session details for the Event and from where exactly was the User started the Session during which the Event was triggered.

The Sources can be:

  1. Direct: This is attributed when the User visits the website directly through the Address bar. For e.g. Typing out “www.yourwebsite.com” or “www.yourwebsite.com/link1”.
  2. Search: When the User searches the Website in a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, the Session for these Users are set under Search.
  3. Social: The Users clicking on any link present across different Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc are attributed to Social Sessions.
  4. Email: Any Session starting via a link click from an Email Campaign is attributed to Email.
  5. Others: Many a time the User may come from a not well known Website which may have the link o your Website or App, but has UTM Parameters attached to the link, they are attributed to this Source.
  6. UnAvailable: This is attributed to which the Session referrers cannot be picked up and has UTM Parameters attached to the base link.