What Kind of Engagement Metrics Every Developer Should Track


Engagement metrics as with any other usage metrics are key indicators on how you’re keeping your user interested which has graciously installed your application onto their handset. As I’ll discuss below, one of the highest value metrics in-app engagement is retention. Key days to look at are Day 1, Day 3 and Day 7. This is the “sweet spot” period before your users drop off with the usage of the app or worse, uninstall it. I would add several more key points to the discussion based on an article written previously by CleverTap’s CEO Sunil Thomas.

  1. Acquisition

A. Track the number of downloads of your app acquires across platforms to see the trend. You can break this out by Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

B. Track Download Attribution. What are the sources that are referring or sending your user to install? An important metric which can influence where you spend advertising dollars in the future.

  1. Activations.   Check to see if your users are opening and activating your app.  If there’s a significant drop-off, below 85% you might want to tweak things in your product or the CPI campaigns.    
  2. Retention.  Check your “drop off” trajectory.  Meaning on the tail end of Day 3 and Day 7 are you losing a lot of users.   Statistics show us that the majority of users will uninstall your app and most will do this after the first time using it.
  3. Engagement. You’ll want to track the user flow within a key point in your app to see where they drop off.   For example, if your use case is for a social Twitter app;  User Logs in -> Creates messages -> Broadcasts Messages -> Checks Engagement Stats -> Responds to Tweets.    You can track all of these steps in a generated funnel and see where the “chain” is breaking.
  4. Uninstalls.   A metric not so readily available across analytics platforms.   You can compare this number against your daily, weekly or monthly Installs to gauge actual user growth.
  5. Reachability. Track how many users you can reach through various channels like in-app push notification, email, etc.  Tracking your reachability over time and comparing that to your install rate will give you insight into your engagement strategy.

You can read more about these key App Metrics in Sunil’s article here: https://blog.clevertap.com/are-you-tracking-these-7-key-mobile-app-metrics/

Quora answer provided by Arkady Fridman, Product Evangelist for CleverTap